1 Definitions
"Company" means Bromcom Computers Plc.

"Website" means the web site accessible at "www.galaxy-vle.com".

"Guest" means a person accessing the Website who is not a Registered User.

"Target User Group" means parents, guardians, teachers and others with a responsibility for the performance and welfare of children.

"Registered User" means someone who has provided registration details and who has a valid sign-In name and password allowing access to the Website.

"User" means a Registered User or a Guest.

"Partner School" means an educational institution that has made information available to a User of the Website.

"Third Party Products" means any goods or services offered by companies referred to in the Website and other web sites linked to from the Website.

2 General
Access to this Website is provided by the Company subject to these terms and conditions. Access to this Website, whether as a Registered User or otherwise, constitutes your acceptance to be legally bound by these terms and conditions, which take effect from the date on which you first access this Website. The Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions by posting changes on this Website. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions in order to obtain notice of such changes. Your continued use of this Website after changes are posted constitutes your acceptance to be legally bound by those changes.

3 Users of the Website
The Website is an information service designed to provide information to the Target User Group. Whilst the Website is open to the public as Guests, only the Target User Group will be permitted to become Registered Users. As such the Company reserves the right to remove any registrant from either the service or any promotional activity or offer, if it feels in its sole discretion that that registrant is not in the Target User Group.

In consideration of using this Website, Registered Users are obliged to provide accurate and up to date registration details and to ensure that any changes are by amendment of their registration details, promptly notified to the Company.

4 Ownership of Website
All rights, including copyright, database rights, patent rights, and rights in the name "Bromcom VLE" and in the trade marks or trading names of third parties referred to in the Website are owned or licensed either by the Company or by those third parties or by a Partner School. The Website must only be used for the purpose of providing a Registered User or Guests with information for their personal use of for use by the institution. Material from the Website may not be copied, reproduced, downloaded, republished, posted, broadcast or transmitted by Users other than to the extent necessary to gain authorised access to the Website. You must only use the Website and materials appearing on the Website for lawful purposes.

5 Third party information
Information and data appearing in the Website including that concerning Third Party Products or the nature, trading activities, or financial and accounting details of third party companies is based on data provided by the relevant suppliers or companies or by third party information providers. The Company and those organisations supplying the information and data do not give any express or implied warranty as to the accuracy of such information or data and it should not be relied upon other than as a general guide for making a decision regarding purchasing IT goods or services.

The opinions included in the Website represent independent journalistic criticism and review. They are made without any assumption of liability and must not be legally relied upon.

Information, statements and representations contained in MicroSites or in other sites linked to from the Website is not the responsibility of the Company. The Company gives no express or implied warranty as to any such materials.

The Company is not a supplier of any IT goods or services and is not an agent, reseller or distributor of any such suppliers. It does not offer for sale any IT goods or services in the Website. Any Third Party Products offered for sale via the Website, whether in MicroSites, other linked sites or otherwise, are offered for sale by third parties on their own terms of business. The Company and its representatives do not hold themselves out as experts in relation to Third Party Products and give no express or implied warranty in respect of any Third Party Products, whether as to availability, conformance with description, satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose, millennium compliance, care and skill exercised, non-infringement, compatibility, security or accuracy. Users should not rely on any representations, opinions or statements made by the Company or its representatives when purchasing Third Party Products.

6 Availability of the Website
The Company does not give any warranty as to the continued availability of all or any part of the Website or any service offered herein. You accept that the Company owes you no duty to continue to provide all or any part of the Website or any such service.

7 Comments and Analysis forum
The Forum is intended to provide a real-time area for Users to exchange information, comments and to have fun. Only Registered Users are able to submit material for inclusion on the Forum but it is open to the public for viewing purposes and age group does not limit such public access. Comments should be worded appropriately. Comments or materials which infringe the rights of others, which incite crime, which are threatening, obscene, indecent, racist, abusive or defamatory of other people or companies may make you criminally liable and are not permitted.

a. The Forum is not a commercial market. You may not offer for sale any goods or services on the Forum or place on it any advertisement of any kind.

b. You may not place on the Forum any material that infringes the rights of any other person, including but not limited to copyright, trade secrets or confidential information.

c. You may not use any obscene or offensive language or place on the Forum any material which constitutes harassment or which is indecent, obscene, threatening, racist, abusive or defamatory of any person, enterprise or company.

d. You may not place any material on the Forum which may incite criminal conduct or which may give rise to civil liability, or which is otherwise unlawful.

Whilst the Company does not and is not able to monitor or control the materials submitted for inclusion on the Forum, it reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to block comments from inclusion. Upon the Company becoming aware, any materials which infringe any of these terms and conditions or which the Company considers infringe the rights of any person or contravene any law of any jurisdiction will be immediately removed. In such circumstances your personal details may be passed to the police, a court or to other parties in connection with any civil action or investigation into crime.

8 Liability
In using the Website you accept that the Company is not liable for any information, statements, opinions or representations appearing in the Website, whether by the Company or by third parties, including material placed on the Forum or appearing in MicroSites or any other sites linked to. In no event will the Company be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damages including, but not limited to, loss of profits, loss of data, loss of use of hardware or software, whether under the laws of contract or tort including negligence arising out of or in connection with any person's use of this site, whether as a Registered User or as a Guest. The Company does not limit its liability for fraud.

You agree to indemnify the Company, its employees and representatives, from any and all claims, loss, expenses and liabilities (including legal fees) which arise from material you submit to the Website, or from any unauthorised use of material obtained via the Website or otherwise from your breach of these terms and conditions.

9 Privacy Policy
Any personal information you supply to the Company will be passed onto the educational institution that you selected during your registration and any subsequent updates to your registration record. In addition, any personal information you supply to the Company will be used to contact you in the future about the status of your registration, the Website and, unless you have objected, about any relevant promotional activities or offers by the Company. If you do not wish to be contacted in relation to such promotional activities or offers please e-mail info@bromcom.com. Your personal information will not be disclosed to others without prior notice to you other than in connection with any civil action concerning material allegedly placed by you on the Website or in connection with any investigation into crime. The Company takes reasonable steps to ensure your personal details are kept secure from unauthorised access but, due to the nature of the Internet, cannot guarantee that others will not intercept your information. However all personal details transmitted over the Internet is secured by a public and private key infrastructure. The Website uses 128-bit encryption that is financial transaction-grade technology to ensure the privacy.

10 Miscellaneous
These terms and conditions contain the whole agreement between you and the Company regarding your use of the Website and supersede any prior written or oral agreement you and the Company in that regard. The invalidity, illegality or unenforceability in whole or in part of any of these terms and conditions shall not affect the validity, legality or enforceability of the remaining parts of these terms and conditions. Words importing the singular shall include the plural, and vice versa; words denoting persons shall include bodies corporate and unincorporated associations of persons and vice versa. The headings in these terms and conditions do not affect their interpretation.

The Company may in its sole discretion terminate any user-id or password required by you to access the Website or may deny you access to all or any part of the Website without prior notice to you for any reason including where the Company in its sole discretion believes you are in breach of these terms and conditions. The failure at any time by the Company for any period to enforce its rights in respect of any material placed on this site shall not be a waiver of its right at any time subsequently to enforce those rights.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

11. Further information
For further information regarding this service please email the Company on

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